Weather delays and naming days

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differin gel canada categorize Well I had been warned… the wonderful world of boating has and always will be dictated by the weather. Never plan too far ahead nor promise to be somewhere at a set time, as the weather forecast will always have the final say. Rain, howling wind, snowflakes… we’ve seen it all this week and so begins our intimate relationship and attachment to the constantly changing elements of Mother Nature. map Due to unfavourable conditions, the boat remains on the hardstand more than a week later with little work started on hull maintenance. We’ve experienced a mix of sun and rain through the week (clear sunshine is required for the hull’s anti-fouling painting). Quickly followed by seasonal winter ‘Bora’ winds – in the vicinity of 60 knots or around 110 km/phr – a result of intense northern winds off the snow covered coastal mountains. There was even a smattering of snowflakes swirling around outside last night. It’s bloody freezing. Yes we sure arrived to Croatia nice and early!

supervise buy lumigan With warmer weather expected over the coming days, we are hopeful the three coats of anti-fouling paint will go on very soon and she’ll be in the water mid-week. Fingers crossed. Of course, we have no time limits but are just keen to move into our new home. First we’ll need to test that the diesel heaters fire up and work efficiently.

To pass the days buyrisperdalonlinenow this week we’ve driven north to Zadar and south to the historic yet brilliant cosmopolitan city of Split. We plan to return to Split with the boat so will snap some photos at a later date.

In a major step to make this boat our own, she has now officially renamed – the final task that completes her Australian registration. Below: the end of an era for Herbert and Angelika’s beloved Symphony – though many adventures lie ahead for the long-awaited new member of the Darling family!

Boom! A new Darling family member is born.
Dinner at Kezo Restaurant in Murter. With little (nothing) else open at this time of year, we’ve frequented Kezo almost every night for the past week. For two courses and beer/wine at $15-20 per head… it’s hardly worth trying to prepare something ourselves in the little apartment. Coastal Croatia is heavily Italian influenced so we’ve had our fill of pizza, pasta, fish and squid.
Another road trip to fill some time – one hour’s drive north to cool Zadar.
Bloody Queenslanders! Though with howling “Bora” winter wind storms blowing off the snow covered mountains it was barely a few degrees above zero these past few days.
Captain Morgan = A$16. Malibu = A$15. Bacardi = A$19… plus bourbon and vodka are much the same… looks like the boat bar will be well stocked.


  1. Dani says

    Love the photos guys! The new name is great and the sticker looks fab on the side of the boat!! Big love to you all!It is POURING rain here in Whistler xx

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