Mussels on the menu and camera-loving swans

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Bringing you a quick post to share some tasty morsels on the menu yesterday as well as a friendly family of swans that blessed us with their company at our last anchorage.

We’ve recently departed after two nights moored downstream from the breathtaking fairy-like land of cascades, waterfalls and boardwalks of Krka National Park. I have plenty of photos to share from the waterfalls so will take the time to post those later this week. The adjacent riverside village of Skradin was home to a dozen or so families of swans who’ve become very accustom to yachts and humans. Yesterday afternoon, one such family paddled across to visit us on a half dozen occasions and the papa swan posed in front of my camera lens for a solid five minutes, showing off all his best angles. Once he’d had enough, he raised his wings skyward and sailed xanaxonlinebuy away like a little swan sailboat. I’m really pleased with some of the photos captured and am convinced it was an intimate encounter that I’m unlikely to experience again.


Having passed several mussel farms this month, Aunty Robyn had been eager to source some local product. With just a few days of her stay remaining, by chance the next marina berth we pulled into was alongside an old dinghy and diver pulling up massive clusters of mussels from under the dock. After exchanging some hand signals and broken English we quickly had more mussels onboard than we could handle and so they became the menu feature for dinner prepared by our fabulous crew chef Mike. Sorting and cleaning the mussels ourselves was tedious, but we couldn’t have asked for any fresher.

Funnily enough Aunty Robyn even woke up this morning reporting of dreams filled with mussels (and swans)!


  1. Anonymous says

    Oh my gosh, that pasta looks soooooo good. You’ve turned into a wonderful cook Mike, at least by the looks of it, and the few things you made for me in Whistler and Manley. And Brooke your eye when photographing is superb. Better than most in magazines. Love and miss you
    Mom V

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