Journey to Gallipoli and ANZAC Cove

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With a military background, having previously walked the Kokoda Track with son Stewart in 2009, and already having a reason to be in Turkey at the appropriate time of the year, now was a great opportunity to tick another item of the “bucket list” and make the pilgrimage to Gallipoli – to offer personal thanks to our ANZAC’s of World War One. Finally my darling (FMD) stayed on a hard stand at ... Continue Reading

Col’s Tech Update: winterising and annual maintenance


Like all sailing boats, finally my darling (FMD) requires annual maintenance. Without that maintenance, both the systems on board and hull of the boat itself would start to rapidly deteriorate and ultimately let us down. It’s a bit like insurance. It costs to have these insurances in place and maintained, but it’s the protection you must have not just for the boat, but also for the safety of those ... Continue Reading

Istanbul: the city that never sleeps


  Zipping and zigzagging in taxi through a moody labyrinth of backstreets in the Taskim and Beyoglu districts was a speedy and exhilarating re-introduction to Istanbul. Mike and I had visited as fresh-faced 21 year olds more than a decade before and at the time had stayed in a hostel in the touristy Sultanahmet district (as you do). Yet on researching via the trusty Lonely Planet, this time we ... Continue Reading

Side stepping to Rhodes and crew departures


Back in early September and still unsure of restrictions imposed by the 180-day Schengen Visa (despite fruitlessly asking several ‘officials’) we had departed Greece a little prematurely for our liking. Having barely touched the surface of the Dodecanese Islands, we jumped at the opportunity to sail a beam reach west from near Gocek, Turkey to the historical walled city of Rhodes, Greece. The ... Continue Reading

VIDEO: Paragliding over Oludeniz, Turkey


Oludeniz on Turkey’s southwestern coast was an area of immense beauty. Whilst a wee overdeveloped on the ground, the best position from which to appreciate its natural gifts was with a bird’s eye view from the sky. Together as a family and tethered to our expert pilots from Gravity Paragliding, we each ran off the edge of 1,900 metre/6,000 foot high Babadag Mountain Range. Our 67 year old mum (and ... Continue Reading

Sailing south: paragliding, ruins and nature’s treasures


After eight months, sadly today is Mike and my very last day aboard finally my darling for 2013. How time flies when you’re having fun! Mum and dad will be in around Marmaris until early November, though the time is near for us to face the truth of reality. But before that time arrives… here are some Turkish treasures from the past few weeks: Nearing the end of our last guests’ time onboard and ... Continue Reading

Turkish Delights


As we cruised further south of Bodrum, scenery along the Turkish coast was simply magnificent and different again from anything else we’d encountered over the last seven months. High, red and grey rock mountains covered with a thick blanket of pine or dense green scrub, exposed coast or otherwise enclosed deep natural bays. We were in love.Our final few days with dear friends Jay and D were ... Continue Reading

Santorini, Ios and a final farewell to Greece


Greetings from sizzling Turkey, where we are officially on the final leg of our trip for the 2013 European summer. Here in far western Turkey it still feels like deep summer with 30-degree days, breathless nights and clear, endless blue skies. One could not fathom being here with the boat during the scorching mid-season. Hosting our dear Canadian friends on board – Mike’s best friend from high ... Continue Reading