Marina life in Gibraltar

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La Linea Marina, near Gibraltar

Arriving at Gibraltar marked the official start of our preparations to cross the Atlantic. After a leisurely two-summer cruise around the magnificent Mediterranean, everything from this point forward is focused on readying the boat for the crossing. (OK apart from a sweet side-trip to Morocco, but more on that in a later post!) The guys have been busy fixing and fitting new gear such as wiring ... Continue Reading

Col’s Tech Update: winterising and annual maintenance


Like all sailing boats, finally my darling (FMD) requires annual maintenance. Without that maintenance, both the systems on board and hull of the boat itself would start to rapidly deteriorate and ultimately let us down. It’s a bit like insurance. It costs to have these insurances in place and maintained, but it’s the protection you must have not just for the boat, but also for the safety of those ... Continue Reading

Greece rolls out the welcome mat


With summer now well underway, time continues to cruise by. We are close to five months onboard and already a full month in Greece. So quick to fall behind with updates given this is my first Greece blog post – but here we are! Our first week was occupied with milling around between anchorages off Gouvia and old Corfu Town on Corfu Island; setting up again with Greek phone numbers and internet, ... Continue Reading

Tech Update: from Col


After receiving a number of complimentary comments on our blog, several questions of a technical nature keep arising but have remained unanswered, so time to fill in some gaps. Firstly, and reinforcing an early blog comment made by Brooke that "boats are just a hole in the ocean to throw your money into"; I note there had indeed been significant start-up expenditure, but for the most part it ... Continue Reading

New additions


Perched on watch in the morning sunshine overlooking glassed out waters – I’m altering the autopilot a few degrees here and there as we motor along the towering cliffs of Krk Island’s eastern side. This serene morning must be a stark contrast to the weather often experienced in the Velebitski Canal. The canal is named after the steep 1,700 metre Velebit Mountain range positioned on the mid ... Continue Reading