Flashback to Funky Formentera

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Formentera, Balearic Islands, Spain<38

Every now and then we’ve come across a little-known gem that truly takes us by surprise. Off the east coast of Spain, Formentera – the southern-most island in the Balearic archipelago – is no secret. The island’s flawless white-sand beaches, crystalline waters and breezy beach bars are well patronized by an in-the-know Italian crowd and cool holidaymakers from other European neighbours. Though ... Continue Reading

Shakedown passage to Canary Islands

Passage to Canary Islands-3

It was still dark when the alarm sounded early Saturday morning. Heavy rain was rapping on our cabin roof four feet above my head and the room periodically glowed with lightning. For the first leg of our transatlantic passage, it wasn’t feeling like an ideal send-off to me. Winter can bring turbulent weather to the region, so after one near-start followed by another patient week of waiting at ... Continue Reading

Buzzing along Spain’s South Coast

Dolphins off Costa Blanca, Spain

Spain’s southern Mediterranean coast has been a magnet for British and northern European holidaymakers since the 1960 and 70s. Temperatures stay warmer longer and when the north of the continent is plunging into a dark, wet winter, promise of beaches, sunshine and a cheap holiday attracts them in droves. Alas, this migration of visitors and ex-pats has also resulted in the worst kind of mass ... Continue Reading

Late summer in the Balearic Islands

swordfish enroute to Ibiza

When yachts cruise Spain they are likely to spend majority of time in the Balearic Islands. Excluding a 100 kilometre stretch around Valencia, we’ve now sailed the entire length of the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Barring a few gems on the mainland such as the Costa Brava region, a mandatory Barcelona stop and Peniscola, we found the east and south coast to be largely uninspiring and uninviting ... Continue Reading

Final months in the Mediterranean: Barcelona and the Costa Brava

Calella de Palafrugell

Electrical storms – when observed from the safety of your balcony or through windows and behind solid walls – are an awe-inspiring spectacle. Though traversing a lumpy sea in the notorious Gulf de Leon, 25-knot winds blowing out of the inky darkness; exhilaration rockets to a new level when encircled by storms throwing charged bolts to the ocean surface or splintering across the night sky. ... Continue Reading