Shakedown passage to Canary Islands

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Passage to Canary Islands-3

It was still dark when the alarm sounded early Saturday morning. Heavy rain was rapping on our cabin roof four feet above my head and the room periodically glowed with lightning. For the first leg of our transatlantic passage, it wasn’t feeling like an ideal send-off to me. Winter can bring turbulent weather to the region, so after one near-start followed by another patient week of waiting at ... Continue Reading

Marina life in Gibraltar

La Linea Marina, near Gibraltar

Arriving at Gibraltar marked the official start of our preparations to cross the Atlantic. After a leisurely two-summer cruise around the magnificent Mediterranean, everything from this point forward is focused on readying the boat for the crossing. (OK apart from a sweet side-trip to Morocco, but more on that in a later post!) The guys have been busy fixing and fitting new gear such as wiring ... Continue Reading