Swapping cameras

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 Up until today, majority of photos on the blog have been from my trusty point-and-shoot camera. If you’re in the market for a new compact digital camera it’s a Canon Powershot SX220 HS and takes easy, vibrant photos with plenty of cool features like 'colour accent'. Though a recent hello email from a friend, who was also the inspiring teacher of a photography course I attended almost two years ... Continue Reading

Video: bike in the drink


First sleepover on the dock and Mike’s five-day old folding bike disappears. Unsure of its fate, we bring out the Go Pro to investigate. Vision emerged to prove that a strong wind gust overnight had sent her sinking 40 foot to the seabed... ... Continue Reading

Happy Easter with love


Happy Easter to our dearest family, friends and followers all over the world. We too are enjoying a looonnng weekend and the start of Spring. No chocolate eggs or bunnies for the first time in a lifetime, mainly due to the fact we haven’t seen any for sale here. Instead a far less commercial Easter exists and a local tradition I would have looked forward in my youth, more than chocolate. That is, ... Continue Reading

Setting sail on the next chapter


We are sailing! Today, in my mind, was officially the first day of the next chapter. Less than two hours into our first sail with all crew onboard, we were treated to a welcome dance on the bow by a pod of three local dolphins! They were massive, sleek mammals and we could hardly believe our good fortune. Mesmerised for the first few minutes, I managed to grab my camera in time for one ... Continue Reading

Weather delays and naming days


Well I had been warned... the wonderful world of boating has and always will be dictated by the weather. Never plan too far ahead nor promise to be somewhere at a set time, as the weather forecast will always have the final say. Rain, howling wind, snowflakes... we've seen it all this week and so begins our intimate relationship and attachment to the constantly changing elements of Mother ... Continue Reading

A productive week


Dobrodosli (hello)! Firstly apologies for the slow first update.  It has been a busy first week and we’ve just set up regular internet access. Hope this finds you well wherever you are. Today the guys are back to Sibenik (pronounced Shib-e-neck) with a ‘to do’ list of essential tasks, taking us a few steps closer to officially setting sail. The trip here (via Singapore, Abu Dhabi and ... Continue Reading