Boy’s trip through Crete

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Crete, Greece<14

Hello! Col here again. The ladies are now back on board with us, and while we await suitable winds for our departure from Greece and passage to Italy, it’s perfect timing to update the new-look blog with our recent travels through Crete and neighbouring islands. I arrived back to Turkey on March 21st to complete our annual maintenance and oversee sanding back of the hull and application of ... Continue Reading

Journey to Gallipoli and ANZAC Cove

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With a military background, having previously walked the Kokoda Track with son Stewart in 2009, and already having a reason to be in Turkey at the appropriate time of the year, now was a great opportunity to tick another item of the “bucket list” and make the pilgrimage to Gallipoli – to offer personal thanks to our ANZAC’s of World War One. Finally my darling (FMD) stayed on a hard stand at ... Continue Reading

Col’s Tech Update: winterising and annual maintenance


Like all sailing boats, finally my darling (FMD) requires annual maintenance. Without that maintenance, both the systems on board and hull of the boat itself would start to rapidly deteriorate and ultimately let us down. It’s a bit like insurance. It costs to have these insurances in place and maintained, but it’s the protection you must have not just for the boat, but also for the safety of those ... Continue Reading

Tech Update: from Col


After receiving a number of complimentary comments on our blog, several questions of a technical nature keep arising but have remained unanswered, so time to fill in some gaps. Firstly, and reinforcing an early blog comment made by Brooke that "boats are just a hole in the ocean to throw your money into"; I note there had indeed been significant start-up expenditure, but for the most part it ... Continue Reading

One more sleep to go…


Hello Col here! What an amazing feeling being this close to our new lifestyle when you can say “just one more sleep!” Believe it or not, a wonderful feeling of calm has overcome us knowing all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. We can sit here having a cleansing ale, looking down the passageway to the front door to see the suitcases and carry-on bags parked behind the door ready for our ... Continue Reading