Weather delays and naming days

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Well I had been warned... the wonderful world of boating has and always will be dictated by the weather. Never plan too far ahead nor promise to be somewhere at a set time, as the weather forecast will always have the final say. Rain, howling wind, snowflakes... we've seen it all this week and so begins our intimate relationship and attachment to the constantly changing elements of Mother ... Continue Reading

A productive week


Dobrodosli (hello)! Firstly apologies for the slow first update.  It has been a busy first week and we’ve just set up regular internet access. Hope this finds you well wherever you are. Today the guys are back to Sibenik (pronounced Shib-e-neck) with a ‘to do’ list of essential tasks, taking us a few steps closer to officially setting sail. The trip here (via Singapore, Abu Dhabi and ... Continue Reading

Realising a lifelong dream


To say this adventure has been a long time coming would be an understatement. The way in which the journey has unfolded and evolved into a family affair may not have been the original intention – but with the kids all happily married, seven terrific grand kids to dote over, mum and dad knew it was time to make their dreams come true. I've said it before, but as long as I can remember my dad ... Continue Reading