Croatia continues to deliver around every corner

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Since departing the concrete safety of Icici Marina, Rijeka and the European mainland, we’ve ventured back out to the islands and this week has blessed us with one magnificent seaside village after another. Apart from one windy, choppy day with a sail out, we’ve mostly been motoring in some exceptionally glassed out conditions where at times the eye could barely distinguish the ocean from the ... Continue Reading

New additions


Perched on watch in the morning sunshine overlooking glassed out waters – I’m altering the autopilot a few degrees here and there as we motor along the towering cliffs of Krk Island’s eastern side. This serene morning must be a stark contrast to the weather often experienced in the Velebitski Canal. The canal is named after the steep 1,700 metre Velebit Mountain range positioned on the mid ... Continue Reading

Trying on a new sail for size


We’ve covered some distance again this past 10 days or so. Though with target deadlines almost complete – now all outstanding is to take final possession of contents of the container in Rijeka. Thus finally allowing the pace to slow down a few notches to the leisurely cruiser lifestyle variety. After crossing back from Venice to the Croatian customs clearance port of Umag, we have jaunted in ... Continue Reading

A photo walk through Venice


Last week skipped from Croatia across to Italy. Our purpose was to collect our first visitor from Marco Polo Airport (Aunty Robyn, mum’s sister) and to spend a few days exploring the magnificent isle of Venice. Attempting to clear Italian customs was an interesting experience. After a long day of travel, that afternoon we found ourselves bobbing around on a Venice Lagoon waterway looking for ... Continue Reading

Clocking up the nautical miles


Apologies for the time between posts, but we’ve been on the move and have covered some distance these past few weeks.  There’ve been a few hairy days – in my opinion as usual – with wind around 25-30 knots across the beam and waves up to two metres throwing occasional green water over the bow and spraying us in the face on the upper deck. Then a few days later, when rounding the Istria Peninsular, ... Continue Reading

Swapping cameras


 Up until today, majority of photos on the blog have been from my trusty point-and-shoot camera. If you’re in the market for a new compact digital camera it’s a Canon Powershot SX220 HS and takes easy, vibrant photos with plenty of cool features like 'colour accent'. Though a recent hello email from a friend, who was also the inspiring teacher of a photography course I attended almost two years ... Continue Reading

Video: bike in the drink


First sleepover on the dock and Mike’s five-day old folding bike disappears. Unsure of its fate, we bring out the Go Pro to investigate. Vision emerged to prove that a strong wind gust overnight had sent her sinking 40 foot to the seabed... ... Continue Reading

Happy Easter with love


Happy Easter to our dearest family, friends and followers all over the world. We too are enjoying a looonnng weekend and the start of Spring. No chocolate eggs or bunnies for the first time in a lifetime, mainly due to the fact we haven’t seen any for sale here. Instead a far less commercial Easter exists and a local tradition I would have looked forward in my youth, more than chocolate. That is, ... Continue Reading

Setting sail on the next chapter


We are sailing! Today, in my mind, was officially the first day of the next chapter. Less than two hours into our first sail with all crew onboard, we were treated to a welcome dance on the bow by a pod of three local dolphins! They were massive, sleek mammals and we could hardly believe our good fortune. Mesmerised for the first few minutes, I managed to grab my camera in time for one ... Continue Reading