My Final Leg Aboard: Saba to Grenada

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FMD sailing, The Grenadines_WEB READY

Ahoy! For those who’ve followed my blog with interest over the past few years (thank you!), and for those who’ve just joined in the last few months (welcome!), you may be wondering why the sailing posts ended so abruptly mid last year, somewhere in the beautiful British Virgin Islands. The adventures of finally my darling the sailing catamaran have not ended; in fact, it has just moved into ... Continue Reading

VIDEO: two days with a tiny village in Cambodia

Travel Cambodia

Nothing could prepare me for the first two days of a two-week small group tour with Hands on Journeys. This new grassroots company is on a mission to help and empower the people of Cambodia and Vietnam, by empowering one village at a time with the skills, tools and hope needed to make an enduring difference in their lives. Never before in my 10+ years of travel has my time abroad felt so worthy ... Continue Reading

Empowering change in Cambodia

Siem Reap Village_Cambodia-3

Founder of Hands on Journeys, Simla’s petite frame, gentle eyes and infectious smile are deceiving. She’s a driven, passionate and selflessly caring powerhouse, who wells up as she describes the living conditions we’ll encounter the following day and the impact her projects are already bringing to a tiny village on the outskirts of Siem Reap. You can’t help but be inspired to join her ... Continue Reading

Shipwrecked in the British Virgin Isles

Peter Island, BVI, Caribbean

Welcome to real-life Pirates of the Caribbean territory! The British Virgin Islands’ (BVI) notorious past as a pirate’s haunt is living inspiration for the famous movie series. It’s here, buried in caves lining Norman Island’s Privateer Bay, treasure chests laden with “pieces of eight” were discovered and Dead Man’s Chest is a coffin-shaped island with a dark past. When sailing through in 1493 on ... Continue Reading

VIDEO: 13-year-old’s Atlantic Crossing

Atlantic Ocean crossing-15

Whilst many 13-year-old boys are wasting hours with their noses buried in Minecraft, chasing girls in the school yard or grazing knees at soccer practise, our youngest crew member William was at sea; adding a three week, 3000 nautical mile Atlantic Ocean crossing to his life experience CV. William joined us with his Dad Douglas, bringing our team up to five. Not only was he a valuable crew ... Continue Reading

Beach bliss in Anguilla & St Maarten

Anguilla, Caribbean

After hobnobbing with the French and millionaires in fashionable St. Barts and blowing our frugal cruising budget on overpriced drinks in posh beach-side bars, Anguilla was a welcome change of pace. Anguilla is for lovers. In recent years it has regularly topped lists as the Caribbean island of choice for honeymooners and destination weddings. A tourism ethos of quality over quantity – yield ... Continue Reading

Windswept in the West Indies

Les Saintes, Guadeloupe<2

For Aussies, the Caribbean is a region of mystic and allure. Endless palm-lined, white sand beaches; impossibly turquoise waters; rum cocktails served from rustic beach bars; dreadlocked Rastafarians; reggae music and portraits of Bob Marley; all set to a steel-drum band soundtrack neatly captures the postcard vision for this beckoning holiday hot-spot half way across the world. Where our backyard ... Continue Reading

VIDEO: Morocco’s Sahara & a luxury camp

Desert Luxury Camp, Erg Chebbi-10

Morocco is spellbinding. The country is vast, diverse and its hidden gems are many. We’re not often travellers to join a guided tour, but our private 4WD excursion with Your Morocco Tour was exceptional; definitely worth spending extra for a personalised trip hosted by a knowledgeable Berber driver. Our gracious local host was Ali. Should you be planning a trip, please allow yourself at least ... Continue Reading

Postcards from the Caribbean

St. Barth, Caribbean-4

OK OK… those regularly following the blog are probably wondering if we’ve been shipwrecked. To be honest I’ve been slack. We’ve been hosting non-stop guests since Christmas, internet is lousy, my camera is in hiding, the diving is good, the weather balmy, rum punches strong... There’s no excuse really, I do apologise, so thought I’d break the drought with a snippet of our week. Enter Saint ... Continue Reading

Memories from Morocco: Sahara & a desert camp

Erg Chebbi, Morocco

Tonight it’s promised we’ll be transported to a haven of Arabian nights amongst the golden sand dunes of Erg Chebbi; Morocco’s slice of Africa’s expansive Sahara Desert. So it comes as a surprise there’s snow outside my window as we drive through a bleak inhospitable landscape, past nomadic sheepherders bundled from the bitter wind and rocky highlands of the Middle Atlas Mountains. Each ... Continue Reading