Atlantic crossing: take two

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The sail is here! Almost three weeks to the day since we tore our original, eight-year-old Lagoon mainsail, a new and robust sail is now rigged. Back on January 8th the disappointment was tangible as we motored back to La Palma Island and watched our fellow Atlantic Odyssey yachts sail away over the horizon.

We should be in Martinique right now; skin bronzed from the passage; wearing shorts, t-shirts and bikinis, chilled rum punch in hand. The first Odyssey Atlantic boats arrived over the weekend after a fast 16 – 17 day passage. With our special weapon the Parasailor and given catamarans are known for sailing fast downwind, we anticipated being right there with them.

But we’ve moved on. Dad’s hand was forced to make a significant outlay in replacing the mainsail, though inevitable given it was nearing the end of its life. This crisp and strong custom sail from Crusader Sails will help us cross the Atlantic and many oceans yet to come. She’s a beauty!

After a long build up to our first departure, these past three weeks have been another case of ‘hurry up and wait’ as Doug would say. There’s been plenty of time to kill with island touring around Tenerife, several gel-coat repairs to the boat, Mike got himself a new tattoo, movies, internet surfing, afternoon naps, cooking, re-provisioning of all the food and fresh produce we’ve eaten through, 2€ pints at the local Irish Pub (southern Tenerife is popular with UK visitors) and general time wasting. Doug and William joined us just after Christmas, so we’ve kept them away from Michelle for five weeks now. With cheap flight connections to the UK, she made a special visit to finally my darling over the weekend. It’s hard to believe this entire time our Atlantic Odyssey friends have been on the water. Now it is our turn!

Until last light yesterday and again early this morning, Dad, Mike and Doug have done a brilliant job transferring the existing hardware (batons and baton ends) into the new sail and rigging it up the mast (attaching to sail cars on the mast, re-running reef lines, attaching new high-load Harken reefing blocks). Very soon we’ll drop the lines, hoist the sails and head approx. 2,700 nautical miles across the vast Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean. We are beyond excited and raring to go. Even me. Any nerves I may have had before have dissipated. OK… let’s be honest, my adrenalin spiked when Dad announced, “we’re ready!”

The helpful team at Cornell Sailing will monitor our GPS track on their website until we arrive in Martinique mid next month. You can check in our passage HERE. I’ll also try for a few blog entries during the trip, with help of my darling sister Bree uploading posts on my behalf. Be sure to sign up for email notifications (right of page on the blog) as I’m unable to place notifications to Facebook as usual.

OK I’ve been given the one hour warning to departure, so best get this posted. See you on the other side!!!

Bon voyage finally my darling.

Atlantic crossing- take two-2Atlantic crossing- take two-3Atlantic crossing- take two-4Atlantic crossing- take two-5

Fresh produce re-provision from the local Tenerife farmer’s market. Check.

Atlantic crossing- take two

She’s a beauty!

Atlantic crossing- take two-7Atlantic crossing- take two-8



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